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  • Easily prepare healthy meals & snacks
  • Find the pleasure in healthy eating
  • Learn how to make nutritious living affordable
  • Discover a community of support for your healthy food life
  • Find out the best way to get all the nutrients that you need
  • And other healthy eating challenges...

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Plant-Powered and Thriving

A 6-week online training program that takes the stress out of healthy eating - and makes it easy, affordable, and delicious...

The Plant-Powered and Thriving course will give you shortcuts to save you time & money - plus...


Get secrets for reducing your grocery costs

Discover how to use the 12 affordable and nutritious foods that can save you money and boost your health – deliciously!


Quick & easy prep!

Use proven shortcuts to prepare simple meals when you’re in a hurry.


Plan effectively

When you make a staple ingredient at the start of the week, you can base dishes around that staple ingredient all week long, which will save you time, energy, and shopping. We'll show you how!


Guilt-free comfort foods

Find out how to create healthier versions of some of your favorite comfort foods.


Dine out smart

Be able to confidently select healthier fare when eating out.


Bring more joy, thanksgiving...

and delight to your meals!

We want to help you...


Get the Nutrients You Need To Thrive

End the struggle for energy, weight loss, mental clarity, and vibrancy.


Discover Secret Kitchen Shortcuts

Save time, money, and hassle while enjoying mouth-watering meals each day.


Eat Healthy at Home and On The Go

Easy strategies to nourish your body and live your most magnificent life.

Delicious Plant-Based Recipes for the Whole Family!

Learn easy-to-prepare, healthy and yummy meals your picky eaters will adore!

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You’ll Walk Away After This Course


on your way to work as you think about the delicious lunch you put together the night before.


to invite friends or family over for a meal, even if they don’t eat as healthfully as you do. They’ll be asking for your recipes!

With Plans!

You’ll spend less time driving, waiting in checkout lines, scrambling to throw something together, going hungry, or snacking on processed foods.

With Time!

You’ll have more time for the things you love, including time with friends & family, sleep, exercise, gardening, & preparing meals you enjoy.

Here’s A Closer Look:

Week 1:

Save Time & Set Up for success

  • You can save time and eat WELL — we’ll show you how! In Week One, you’ll discover breakthrough skills for organizing your kitchen, shopping, and menu planning to make your life easier and your food more fabulous.
  • You’ll get the real scoop on the best blenders, juicers, frying pans, water filtration systems, knives, and other important kitchen tools for every budget. You’ll be introduced to a fabulous, dietitian-approved recipe collection, and you'll learn how to use healthy food to address health challenges and prevent disease.
  • You’ll get the real story on fresh, frozen, canned and dried foods, plus the truth about corn, where GMOs hide, and when organic foods are worth the extra cost. And you’ll find out some great packable and on-the-go healthy snacks and meals for kids — or for the kid in all of us.

Guest Faculty: Dean Ornish, MD

Hear John Robbins’ conversation on Preventing Disease and Promoting Health with Dr. Dean Ornish, who is founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute and who developed the first lifestyle based approach to heart disease to ever be covered by Medicare and the big insurance companies.

Week 2:

Shop for Health, Savings, and Sustainability!

  • Bye-bye malnutrition and culinary confusion! In this class you’ll find out how to meet your needs for protein, iron, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B-12.
  • You’ll discover nutritional science breakthroughs in understanding of phytonutrients, mineral absorption, lectins, phytates and how to enjoy legumes without the gas. You’ll discover little-known shopping strategies for freshness, convenience and finding the lowest prices.
  • You’ll learn the most important things to look for on food labels – and what to ignore. And you’ll get how-to tips for storing foods for maximum freshness, convenience, safety and savings.

Guest Faculty: Kathy Freston

Hear John Robbins’ conversation on Leaning into a Healthier Life, One Bite at a Time with New York Times bestselling author Kathy Freston.

Week 3:

Garden Goodness: How to Eat (and love!) Your Greens

  • If there’s one thing that nearly every nutritional study ever conducted seems to agree on, it’s that we need to eat more vegetables. But most folks think eating vegetables is a chore. They don’t know what they’re missing!
  • In this class, you’ll discover delicious and inventive ways of incorporating more fruits and vegetables into anyone’s diet – and have them loving it! You’ll find out about the most nutrient dense veggies and glorious greens, and how a rainbow of colors can help prevent disease, fight cancer, and promote health.
  • You’ll learn about the immune system boosting, cancer-fighting powers of flavonoids and phytochemicals. And you’ll discover how to enjoy fabulous fruit- and vegetable-based recipes for everything from luscious desserts to delectable salads to refreshing smoothies.

Guest Faculty: Joel Fuhrman, MD

Hear John Robbins’ conversation on Specific Steps to Excellent Health with bestselling author and world-renowned physician, Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

Week 4:

Bring Your Friends & Family Along!

  • Do you have friends or family who don’t eat as healthfully as you do? Say goodbye to feeling dragged down or lonely! We’ll show you how to navigate social dynamics for health and harmony at work, in family gatherings, during holidays, and in everyday life.
  • You’ll get recipes and tips for making healthy transitional meals and substitutes for welcoming people who don’t eat as healthfully as you.
  • You’ll get support for bringing family together and making shared meals a place of greater love and connection. And you’ll discover how to satisfy your sweet cravings with delicious whole food, plant-based treats at home and on-the-go.

Guest Faculty: Brenda Davis, MD

Hear John Robbins’ conversation on the Benefits and Challenges of a Plant-Powered Diet with registered dietitian, nutritionist and bestselling author, Dr. Brenda Davis.

Week 5:

Carbs, Gluten, and Grains:

What’s Right for you?

  • How do you know if gluten is good for you – or if it’s toxic? What about grains? Can you still eat sweet treats? We’ll give you the insights you need to make important choices for you and your loved ones. Discover the untold story of wheat and other grains, how they have changed over the centuries, and what science is discovering about gluten sensitivity, wheat allergies, and celiac disease.
  • You’ll get breaking news about rice and arsenic, lectins in grains, and the true diet of our Paleolithic ancestors. Find out what’s right for you – and then put it into practice! You’ll discover how to replace refined grains and flour – and how to make healthier muffins, pancakes, and baked goods.
  • And you’ll get the skinny on which dangerous sweeteners to avoid, which are good to use, and how to make fabulous healthy treats.

Guest Faculty: Caldwell Esselstyn, MD

Hear John Robbins' conversation on How to be Heart Attack Proof with acclaimed surgeon and bestselling Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease author, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

Week 6:

Planning Meals on the Move

  • You’ll discover tricks for healthy eating when you’re in a hurry, including simple meal shortcuts and keys to successful improvisation that save time and still taste great.
  • You’ll find out how to understand how to read restaurant menus and learn the top questions you should never be afraid to ask a waiter or waitress, plus how to select a healthy restaurant (and how to steer clear of a bad one!).
  • And you’ll celebrate all that you’ve learned and applied and how it’s already changing your life — and develop easy to implement strategies to help you integrate these changes for the long run.

Guest Faculty: Michael Bernard Beckwith

Hear John Robbins’ conversation on A Feast for Your Soul with world-renowned spiritual leader and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, Michael Bernard Beckwith.

When I discovered the Food Revolution Summit, I never dreamed there could be anything better. Then you offered this course.

I am so grateful for the information about nutrition and health; the amazing recipes; plus the ability to interact with John, Ocean, and Caryn within the framework of an online community.”

— Lucinda Spitzer

Now Just $297 $247

Your $50 discount expires in:

I’d been dealing with constant abdominal pain for nearly two years. There were many doctors and many tests, but no real answers. Because both of my parents died with cancer before the age of 65, I was seriously concerned.

You gave me the information, inspiration and motivation I needed to improve my diet and lifestyle. The constant pain that I had endured for more than 22 months disappeared. You helped me realize that I could heal myself with food and change my life.”

— Kari Zimmerman, Madison, WI

So You May Be Wondering...

How Does it Work?

Here’s What You’ll Receive:


6 Hour-long Classes

with John and Ocean Robbins, 
and Caryn Hartglass

(Audio with slides and followed by transcripts)

Each week you’ll discover little-known tips and techniques to make consistent healthy eating easy and joyful.

This class starts on June 5th and continues until July 10th. Course Sessions are held on Tuesday evenings at 8:30 pm Eastern Time / 5:30pm Pacific Time, with replays and transcripts available afterwards so you can participate any time you want.

The schedule is as follows:
June 5 | June 12 | June 19 | June 26 | July 3 | July 10

You can join in live via teleconference or on the Internet. Or, you can download the recording after the live event and listen to the replay any time you like.


Access to Our Exclusive 
and Moderated Online Community Forum

You’ll be able to engage live with hundreds of other people who will support you in the process of joyfully creating and sustaining healthy eating habits.

Share your successes and insights, offer and receive support, exchange and give feedback on favorite recipes, and connect with like-minded individuals all over the planet. Through this collective engagement, you will experience the awesome power that a shared interest in good food has to bring people together and build bonds of friendship.


Mouthwatering, Easy To Prepare Recipes

Each week you’ll receive at least 8 delicious, healthy, affordable and simple recipes. All the recipes are dietitian-approved, and nutritional information will be provided. These recipes are plant-powered, non-GMO, and based around real, whole, natural foods, with gluten and soy-free options.

You’ll also get a weekly recipe preparation video demonstration with the fun and dynamic culinary coach extraordinaire, Caryn Hartglass.


Fact Sheets and Special Reports

Want to go even further with your healthy, plant-powered knowledge?

Every week of the course, you’ll get supplemental materials, resources, and tools you can use to dive deep into areas that interest you.

This way, you can get in-depth facts and tips for areas you want to know more about—and you can be a healthy-eating powerhouse to support the people you love.

You’ll get to learn:

  • The truth about soy
  • The pros and cons of juicing and blending
  • How to get kids of all ages to eat and love healthy, plant-powered foods
  • More about the most pesticide-contaminated foods (known as the “dirty dozen”) so you can choose the safest foods for you and your family

and other useful, actionable information to move you along on your healthy eating journey.


Useful Technology and Multimedia Resources

We’ll introduce you to a handy shopping list app for menu planning and grocery shopping; apps and tools to help you avoid GMOs; and an inspiring and informative collection of video-based tools, resources, and cooking demonstrations.

Here's What We've Discovered

You actually need more than the right knowledge to make the right choices.

You need friends and community to pick you up when times get tough, to troubleshoot with you in places that don’t make sense, and to give you the ongoing support of mentors and rich peer-to-peer connection.

When you register for Plant-Powered and Thriving, you’ll become part of an inspired, vibrant community of individuals just like you who are excited to connect with like-minded souls.

This is More Than A Course

— It’s A Community!

Now Just $297 $247

Your $50 discount expires in:

I learned what foods to eat, and how to organize my kitchen.

With everything you taught us and everything all the guest speakers had to say and offer us, I lost 30 pounds and feel really energetic and happy. Thank you!!!”

— Donna Zurcher

Powerful Bonuses

When you sign up for Plant-Powered and Thriving, you’ll gain access to a powerful collection of free of bonuses from our friends and partners!

Plus This Fast Action Bonus – only available when you register today.

The Food Revolution Ultimate Health Collection

More than 1,000,000 people have attended seven Food Revolution Summits. These annual events have featured powerful interviews with 120+ of the top food experts on the planet — all personally conducted by John Robbins. To help you improve your health, we’ve curated 20 of the most powerful health-themed interviews. We’ve edited them and put them together into one powerful collection. If you were part of the 2018 Food Revolution Summit, you’re in for an even bigger treat because these are totally new presentations from speakers who weren’t in the 2018 Summit.

Read More

  • G-BOMBS e-Book

    From Joel Fuhrman, MD

Can you name the best anti-cancer, health-promoting foods on the planet? If you are familiar with the work of nutritional researcher and New York Times bestselling author, Joel Fuhrman, MD, you’ll immediately think of G-BOMBS: Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, and Seeds. These foods are packed with immune-boosting, cancer-fighting properties, and should make up a significant part of your daily diet.

To help you make this happen, Dr. Fuhrman has created a handy G-BOMBS ebook, filled with information about each of these superfoods. Learn how to conveniently and deliciously incorporate these foods into your daily meals and how to incorporate the many varieties of beans, berries, greens, and more using preparation techniques to ensure they retain their powerful health benefits.

Illustrated with beautiful pictures, this ebook also includes mouthwatering recipes, plus a special coupon code for 3 FREE MONTHS OF GOLD MEMBERSHIP to DrFuhrman.com.

  • Ornish Lifestyle Medicine: An Implementation Guidebook

    From Dean Ornish, MD

If avoiding or reversing chronic disease is something you’re interested in for you or your loved ones, this comprehensive guidebook can help you get started on the path to making healthy, sustainable diet and lifestyle changes.

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine has been scientifically proven to reverse the progression of chronic diseases, including even severe heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and others — and following these guidelines is sure to help everyone thrive, no matter how healthy you are now.

In this guidebook, you’ll get specific guidelines for nutrition, as well as exercise, stress management, and giving and receiving love and support. When you follow this way of living, you’ll be amazed at how quickly changes can occur and how dramatically.

  • Health & Cancer: How to Take Charge of Your Healing Journey

    From Caryn Hartglass

Ten years ago, Caryn Hartglass was diagnosed with cancer, with a 10-20% chance to live. Now, she’s healthier than ever and thriving! She learned that you must take responsibility for your own health and wellness. And she discovered three areas you need to address to heal from cancer.

In this special report, she explains the three areas and shares tips and secrets she discovered along the way for reversing cancer through food and lifestyle changes. Plus, you’ll get delicious plant-powered recipes made with cancer-fighting ingredients.

  • Dessert Plantz eCookbook

    From Plant-Based Katie Mae

Learn how to make deliciously sweet desserts that are fabulously healthy. The Dessert Plantz eCookbook is full of 60+ recipes that are whole food, plant-based, and also free of all refined oil, sugar, salt and gluten. Katie Mae, has a Master's in Nutrition from Bastyr University, and is a Cooking Instructor at TrueNorth Health and Dr. McDougall's Health & Medical Center. She created this electronic cookbook to help you get away from the guilt that comes with traditional desserts, and to give you a way to celebrate with desserts that are nourishing to your body. Now you can joyfully avoid the overeating, weight-gain, sugar crashes, and food comas. Eat like you matter and make it delicious!

  • Eat Your Way Out of Pain Home Study Program

    From Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Learning to eat an anti-inflammatory diet is easier than you think. The foods are common, everyday foods that you can find at the farmer's market, the local grocery store or your health food store. You can even grow most of them in your own garden! Discover 7 Amazing Secrets To Reducing Or Eliminating Pain And Inflammation – and they are all related to the food you put into your body! This program includes audio, video, e-books, recipes and checklists...everything you need to start managing your pain and inflammation through food...without drugs or surgery!

  • The Food Revolution Family Cookbook

    From the Food Revolution Network

This beautiful ebook includes 100+ scrumptious, nutritious, plant-strong recipes from Food Revolution staff, speakers, friends, and community. Plus, how-to tips on healthy living and pictures.

It features fabulous recipes from Alicia Silverstone; Brenda Davis, RD; Caldwell Esselstyn, MD; Caryn Hartglass; Chris Wark; David Katz, MD; David Perlmutter, MD; Dean Ornish, MD; Deo Robbins; Frances Moore Lappé; Gary De Mattei; Gene Baur; Joel Fuhrman, MD; John Robbins; Joseph Mercola, DO; Karen Stern; Katie Mae; Kris Carr; Mark Bittman; Mark Hyman, MD; Michael Greger, MD; Michael Pollan; Michele Robbins; Neal Barnard, MD; Ocean Robbins; Rip Esselstyn; Ritamarie Loscalzo, DC; Robyn O’Brien; T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D; and Vani Hari.

  • The Dairy-Freedom Cookbook

    From Allison Rivers Samson

Ready to infuse your kitchen with delicious plant-based foods that satisfy all your creamy desires? The Dairy-Freedom Cookbook will help you do just that! With this collection of 30 deliciously dairy-free recipes, you'll learn how to whip up your own nut milk, better butter, moo-free cheese, and beyond.

Who knew that simple, whole-food ingredients like cashews, turmeric, garlic, and onion could be blended up to make plant-based cheeses, sauces, and more? You gotta try it to believe it! Every dish—from the Magic Mac & Cheese to the Cream of Broccoli Soup—is reminiscent of your dairy-favorites but made from plants that nourish your body and soul. You'll also enjoy two themed dinner menus to show you how to pull together a completely dairy-free meal from appetizers to dessert.

This cookbook comes to you from the creators of The Dairy Detox — Allison Rivers Samson and Michelle Cehn — two women passionate about showing you just what humble plants can do. Cheers to that!

Plant-Powered and Thriving will put the power in your hands to learn the truth about staying healthy through food – the easy way!

The basic recipe collection is 100% plant-based and non-GMO with gluten-free and soy-free options that are super easy to implement.

And it’s 100% dietitian approved!

Now Just $297 $247

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This course came at the perfect time for me.

Life-long habits take the most energy to change, and your course supported me greatly in doing so - and feeling soooo much better in body and mind, lighter and even more set free from cravings. You guys have this mind-blowing knowledge and experience in the area of healthy eating, and it’s been built over decades already. Thank you!

— Carmen Joy Atherton

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  • 6 Hour-long Classes
  • Access to an Exclusive Forum
  • Easy To Prepare Recipes
  • Fact Sheets and Special Reports
  • Useful Technology and Multimedia Resources
    Ultimate Health Collection
  • BONUS:
    G-BOMBS e-Book From Dr. Fuhrman
  • BONUS:
    The Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program 
    From Dr. Ornish
  • BONUS:
    Cancer Healing Special Report  
    From Caryn Hartglass
  • BONUS:
    Dessert Plantz eCookbook
  • BONUS:
    Eat Your Way Out of Pain 
    Home Study Program
  • BONUS:
    Food Revolution Family Cookbook
  • BONUS:
    The Dairy-Freedom Cookbook

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Leading Visionaries Recognize the Meaningful Work of John & Ocean Robbins

John Robbins is one of the most important voices in America today, and the most powerfully sane man I know.

His words are wellness for the mind, heart, body and soul. When the going gets rough, Robbins’ wisdom is what people need to see them through.”

— Marianne Williamson,

Author of A Return to Love

A person who leads me to eat in a way that cultivates spiritual awareness is my kind of prophet.

John Robbins gives me a light at the end of the tunnel as well as providing a moral compass. The truth has few allies these days. I have deep and abiding respect for John Robbins.”

— Woody Harrelson,

Actor and Activist

Ocean Robbins is one of the brightest and most luminous leaders in our world today.”

— Lynne Twist,

Author of The Soul of Money

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why take an online course?

    This online course delivers curriculum to you on a weekly basis and gives you control over when you engage. You can join in the broadcasts, listen to the replays at the time of your choosing, or both. You can listen to the special bonus interviews, participate in the online community, and prepare recipes, at whatever times are most convenient in your schedule.

    Parts of the course sessions with John and Ocean, and the course’s lead coach, Caryn Hartglass are recorded in advance. The presentations are audio-based, with slides (and transcripts) to help you absorb it all. Between sessions, participants are invited to post reflections on our moderated online Community Forum and to interact with other participants. Ask your questions – and you’ll get answers!

  • Q: What if I miss a session?

    Don’t worry, there will be recorded audios available for you to download after every session and transcripts provided within a week or less. Many people who take this course may be unable to attend all the sessions live, and that is 100% okay. You may also post your questions in advance for John, Ocean and Caryn to answer on the live Q&A segments. You’ll feel very much a part of our community and enjoy sharing the journey with other participants.

  • Q: Do I need any special equipment?

    The only equipment you’ll need is a computer with an Internet connection and/or a phone or Skype line to participate in the course sessions. You’ll also need a working email address and the ability to access it in order to receive all the weekly resources.

  • Q: Refund and Cancellation policy

    We stand 100% behind our courses. If you find within the first 60 days from the date of your initial payment that you are not satisfied, you may request a full refund of your payment. Refunds will be issued in the same form of payment made and may take up to two weeks to process. Refund requests must be made in writing before the 60-day window has expired, to: support@foodrevolution.org or by replying to any email we send you.

About your hosts...

John Robbins

is the author of 9 bestsellers that have collectively sold more than 3 million copies and been translated into 31 languages. These include Diet for a New America, The Food Revolution, and Healthy at 100. John is Founder and Board Chair Emeritus of EarthSave International, and Co-Founder and president of the 500,000+ member Food Revolution Network.

He is recipient of the Rachel Carson Award, the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award, the Peace Abbey’s Courage of Conscience Award, Green America’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and many other accolades. He lives with his wife of 50 years, Deo, in California.

Ocean Robbins

founded Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!) at age 16, and directed it for the next 20 years. He has spoken in person to more than 200,000 people in live events, and he has organized 100+ seminars and gatherings for leaders from 65+ nations. Ocean has served as adjunct professor for Chapman University, and is a recipient of the national Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service, the Freedom’s Flame Award, and many other honors.

He is author of The Power of Partnership, and co-author, with his dad and colleague John Robbins, of Voices of the Food Revolution. Ocean is Co-Founder and CEO of the Food Revolution Network. He lives with his wife of 23 years, Phoenix, and their teen-aged identical twin sons – who, remarkably enough, love to garden and eat vegetables.

Caryn Hartglass

Learn to Love Food That Loves You Back

Saturday, June 02 — 8:30 pm Eastern (5:30 pm Pacific)

Caryn Hartglass is a cancer survivor and whole foods plant-based eating activist, and serves as founding director of the nonprofit Responsible Eating and Living (REAL). She's been spreading the benefits of a plant-based diet for decades, including nine years as the executive director of the nonprofit EarthSave International. Caryn’s appeared on Dr. Oz, Geraldo At Large, 20-20, and CNN, and is the host of the show “It’s All About Food” on the Progressive Radio Network. She’s also a food coach and co-host for the Plant-Powered and Thriving course.

More Responses from Course Participants

Since taking this course I have gotten off my sleeping medication and am sleeping much better, and I have excitement again about eating well.

I loved the videos and all of the wonderful recipes. I am also thankful that we get to stay on the Facebook page and stay in touch. The additional information that has been given in emails has been wonderful. And on top of everything else, this course was fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My gratitude is beyond words.”

— Rhonda Hogan

This class has been so beneficial to me. I worried about spending the money on it but it was just what I needed to get on track to a healthy lifestyle.

I had been vegan for 5 years but not a very healthy one! At first I lost a lot of weight but I slipped and gained weight back. I feel as though now I really "get it" and I'm so excited to embark on a nutrient dense diet for the rest of my life! I have upped my kale consumption greatly. And I now have a smoothie every morning with lots of greens, apple, blueberries, etc. I now look forward to filling my belly with veggies and I’ve said goodbye to the processed vegan foods I was using! I’ve already lost 5 pounds! This class has been a tremendous help to me. Thank you Ocean and John.”

— Cheryl Sennett

I knew this course was for me. It is worth far more than what it sells for.

Thank you so much Ocean - you have no idea the fire you and your dad have lit in me. And when I have a fire inside.......watch out!”

— Linda Branson Troup

I had become burned out on trying to prepare meals, and this course has motivated me again!

This course should be the course material for all high school home economic classes!!”

— Linda Dorothy

This course is so elegantly presented with such care for our ability to access the information, that I'm stunned and delighted.

Every time I wish for something, it suddenly appears.”

— Wendy Portnuff

I was getting sick all the time. As soon as I’d get better I’d just get sick all over again. My doctors said they had no idea how to help me. That’s when I found your work and was inspired to adopt a whole foods plant-powered diet.

For the past year, I have experienced excellent health. What’s even more remarkable is that my husband, after seeing my results, has joined me – and that also impacts our young daughter’s health and future. Thank you for empowering us and changing the trajectory of our lives!”

— Marium Abugasea Heidt

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